Side Sliding

Side Sliding

Alongside our Up & Over door range we have a range of doors styles in the old traditional Side Sliding garage doors, these doors combine robust and reliable performance with simple personal access.

They slide sideways and around the corner, allowing a large entrance opening.

We can arrange to slide to either the left or right depending on your requirements.

The doors are equipped with two shoot bolt latches for extra security and weather seals on three sides of the door, along with an aluminium threshold for extra weatherproofing.

Side sliding garage doors are available with a lever handle inside and out, providing easy access at all times. For added security the option of an outside knob is also available, along with Long Bar pull handles.

Side Hinged garage doors are available in a range of steel and timber door styles. Steel Side sliding doors come factory finished in white as standard, with a choice of 17 optional colours.